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learning how our brokenness and weaknesses are paradoxically our greatest Strength

My grace is sufficient for you, for My power is perfected in weakness.
2 Corinthians 12:9

analyzing my experiences and observations and expressing them how I feel mostly through unfinished thoughts

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Unfinished Thoughts…

Falling In Love Is A Lie

The Metric to Measure Love The pursuit of intimate relationships are a fundamental human motive. Emotions are a critical component in the development of intimate relationships. Or. At least I thought they were. Wait. Maybe [...]

What Is Your Pursuit?

Destroying What We've Built in Pursuit of What We Really Wanted I walked into a coffee shop recently to do some work and there were very few seats remaining. Eventually, this elderly lady invited me [...]


I wish you were real. I wish you’d stop throwing frivolous Masquerades out of fear. I wish you’d stop hiding your fragile beauty behind that opulent gown. I wish you’d stop drowning your wounds with [...]

5 Ways To Renew Hope

We are all starving for hope. We all have this thing that haunts us; it's called our past. Yea, that thing. Stupid... sure. But, it's real and it can be haunting. Our enemy often throws it at us like a pie to the face. Except, this pie is one from those looney cartoons; it's ticking and ready to explode. Or... at least, that is what it feels like when we lose focus and when hope is lost.