Who really was the creator of evil? God…or us?

So as a christian we are suppose to share our faith; that is a huge part of being christian. Lately, i’ve been really challenging myself to share my faith with others and share how broken and imperfect I really am. Honestly, my life is not what most think because of my posts and such on Facebook. Sharing your faith is great because it actually helps you learn from others questioning you. This past week I went out with some friends from work and they were asking me things like this…

“Why does God allow such evil and suffering in this world?” …a lot of my good friends were asking me this phenomenal question. Kudo’s to you who ask this. 

My Answer:
God didn’t create evil. He created Love. By creating love he had to give us free will because love is a choice; it cannot be forced. We choose to push God aside and do evil ourselves; hence making us the creator of evil. So the question should be… “why do we not do good?

This is a great read to anyone who is interested in this discussion.

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