Life comes with Death. Simple is Big.



By becoming a Christian you are accepting death which in return gives you life from an ultimate creator who was gracious enough to let you live then die to live again.

Many people claim to be a christian and have no idea what it means, which is perfectly fine unless they have no intent and desire to learn more. So when you claim you are a Christian, make sure have the desire to love and learn. You better be ready to live as if you are going to die any second whenever God wants you to. He will use your death as a way to bring someone else to Him. Just like in the book, Five People you meet in Heaven, the simplest actions/events have can have the biggest outcomes.

Living a simple life is living a Big life. Living should consist of Learning, Loving, and Giving.

This is my biggest prayer for myself and everyone else. Living a simple, yet big, faith-based life following after God.

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