We Are Asses!

SI Exif

Yes. You did just read that. I am an Ass. You are an Ass. We are all Asses. Let me explain what I mean…

Jesus rode on a donkey into Jerusalem. Why? Why would Jesus ride a hideous creature such as a donkey? In order to understand that, let’s look into the symbolism a little bit.

Jesus was carried in Mary’s womb into Bethlehem riding on a donkey. Jesus was brought into the world on a donkey. Jesus also rode a donkey into Jerusalem to end his life on Earth. The sacrifice of Petter Chamore states that a donkey is sacrificed for the sins of stubborn people unless a lamb is found which would save the donkey and the people it represents. So, The Lamb riding on a donkey illustrated Jesus’ sacrifice for the Jews, “sinners/hypocrites”.

It is common sense, as we all know, a donkey is an ass.  I have never heard of an ass being anyones favorite animal. That’d just be weird. An ass is a very hideous animal. The question for an ass is if it can accept its sinful nature and humble its self to know it needs the lamb to be saved.

Similarly, we, all human kind, are a very hideous, bad, and sinful being. Because of that, we are in need of being humbled and saved by a a lamb. But not just any lamb, The Lamb. The Lamb of God. Jesus. Jesus was given by his Father, God, to be the lamb in the the sacrifice. He used his One and Only Son to be sacrificed on a Cross because of our past, present, and future sins!

Unfortunately, our sins such as pride and greed have blinded us of our sinful nature causing many to not see we are in need of being saved. I Pray for all those people. I pray you can accept the fact you are a bad person. You are a hideous person. You are sinful person…


We need saved and God already did it for us by sending Jesus. It’s no longer a matter of we need saved…It already happened. Jesus saved us! Accept it. Believe it. Love it. Live it.

I’m not any better of a person than you are because I am writing this. The only difference between you and I is I have already accepted Him, the Lamb, as my Saviour.

Believe. Love. Live.

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