Be Naked. Be Vulnerable.



Casual sex is becoming more and more common today. Our world is progressively becoming more perverse. Almost all my friends believe sex is just something to do with the opposite gender now; it is no longer a love action. It is perverse and many our blinded by its consequences. My generation is blinded and do not think of the consequences of every decision we make. We need to start influencing each other that sex does not make you the cool guy or popular girl.

For quite awhile I have struggled with sex myself even though for the first 17 years of my life I told myself I would save myself until marriage. I still struggle to this day to do what I know what is spiritually right. I almost always end up giving into my flesh and doing what society portrays as tolerable.

I am only saying this because I believe God wants us to be completely vulnerable and humble. I believe he wants us to be vulnerable and humble because our mistakes (sins) can encourage and lead others who are struggling or will struggle in a better direction. It provides hope.

When we are looking for a serious relationship, do not go after looks. Do not listen to what your best friends have to say about your girl. It all comes down to your choice and your life. You are the one who has to live with that decision. So are you going to marry girl based off of how pretty she is? …or are you going to completely open yourself up to a girl and be vulnerable to her. Vulnerability will lead to a much stronger relationship than a lustful relationship. I have not yet had a strong, christ-centered relationship, but that is my fault. I always chose a girl based off of looks and I gave into society. I have had too many lustful relationships and I want to use my sins and poor decisions to help lead others to the truth. God’s grace will still drown you no matter how far you are away from water.

Be strong guys! Just like the quote says, Be Naked! Being naked is being completely stripped down with nothing left to show. That is how a relationship should be. Open yourself up to each other. Tell the significant other how you feel! Show her who you really are. Tell her your thoughts and fears. Share your lives. Live together. Be Naked ! Be Vulnerable!

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