So many times we, as christians, obsess over our sin opposed to our God. We Let the world dwell in us. We let our flesh override our spirit while putting on a false image of being spiritual. We let our pride and greed overcome us and pretend we are still better than the rest. That is when we become hypocrites. Hypocrisy pushes nonbelievers further away; it doesn’t bring them closer. We can’t argue someone to faith because you can’t force someone into faith; faith is a choice to believe. A nonbeliever has to make his or her own individual choice whether to believe or not. That reason alone is why Prayer is the most vital and crucial element to sharing the gospel.

Whether we like it or not, nonbelievers look at us, believers, to represent Christ. The church fails nonbelievers more than we know. How are they suppose to see Christ if we are not living up to his standards? If we are living in sin, how are we showing God’s love?

It is our job as followers to love and pray for those who do not believe. His grace drowns you and I! He already paid for our sins. Represent His name and show others in your daily life who he is! His love is much bigger than your greed and mine as well!

Live unashamed ! He already paid the price of your sins. Don’t dwell in sorrow of your own sin; show others that you can get through it with God’s help ! Make them question why and how you are so cheerful all the time! You have someone who loves you no matter how far away you walk from Him! He will love you no matter where you go!

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