I recently read Bob Goff’s Love Does and it really struck me hard that God has already forgave us for our sins: past; present; and future. So many times we get caught up and letting our sins come between our relationship with God. We need to realize what is done, is done. God already sent Jesus to be a sacrifice for our sins so do not let them come between your relationship with him! Ask for forgiveness and you will receive it.

I grew up in a strong Christian home with a loving family that is very chill and down to earth…at least I like to think so. My dad often gave me Bibles and in every single one, they all had something written on the first page. “This book will keep you from sin or sin will keep you from this book.” It is a great reminder that we need to be in the word, the bible, every day seeking for more and more wisdom. After all, wisdom of the Bible is far greater than any degree.

Christians are often portrayed as hypocrites because we are typically always trying to change someone for the better while we ourselves are quite sinful ourselves. Bob Goff states, “I used to want to fix people, but now I just want to be with them.” This is more how christianity should be opposed to what we are actually viewed as. Christianity is not about trying to change someone, it is accepting the fact that we are all bad people. We ALL fall short of the glory of God. God created it so community strengthens one another. Without, as my Uncle Jon calls it, “Refrigerator Rights” we will not be held accountable and it will be much easier to fail. We all know what refrigerator rights are; it is when your best friends do not have to ask to have access to your fridge. So letting someone have refrigerator rights to your life is when you let someone have full access to yourself…letting them walk life with you. We all need that. We need to be truthful and honest to each other and encourage each other to do right.

Forgive. Dive deep into the word. Have Relationships.


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