The Greatest Stereotype



When asking someone whether or not they are christian or not, the typical response somehow relates to church attendance as if that is the meaning of Christianity. 

“Trust those who seek the Truth; doubt those who say they’ve found it.”

Besides Jesus, there is no human that knows the full Truth. Do Not Act As If You Know Everything… cause you do not. God is an omnipotent creator. He gave us the power of choice. If we he created us as omnipotent as well, we would not need him, BUT we do. Without him, there is no life. Our life without him is like a dried up river blocked by a man-made dam.

Because of Adam and Eve’s sin of eating the forbidden fruit, we are ALL sinners before we even enter our mother’s womb. Our sin is the man-made dam. It is what is blocking us from overflowing with water; the abundance of life! Lucky for us, God decided to give us a chance. Jesus, his only son.

God did not just send his ONLY son to die on the cross. He sent him down to create a bridge for us to be able to connect with him and to give us life! Without Jesus sacrificing his life for our sins, there would be no hope for us. Now the fun part… God gave us a choice to believe in the bridge or not to believe in the bridge! Accept what God has already done for us. He sent down his son to die for our sins and to give us a chance to choose to believe. Accept you are a sinner. Believe Jesus died for you creating a bridge to connect you with God. Live for him. Stop doing wrong. Break the dam and let God overflow you with water. Water is life! Without water, we are incapable of living! 

Many people would argue God’s offering by saying they are too bad to go to heaven. That’s the whole point ! 

“God’s grace is not a gentle shower washing away our problems. His grace is a raging, roaring river whose current knocks you off your feet and carries you into the presence of God.”

We are all bad. We will fail again and again. God already forgave us for past, present, and future sins. Accepting his forgiveness breaks the dam and fills us with life!

Do not let Religion tell you that you have to follow rules and regulations and be a “good” person in order to get into heaven. We are all terrible people and need saved! God used many broken, terrible people to write a book that will help us better find Truth, Love, and Peace; it is called the Bible. 

“Religion says do; Jesus says done.”

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