Late Night Thoughts


I haven’t posted anything in awhile and I would like to get back to it. So i’m simply going to write my thoughts about where I am at life.

I feel lonely. I miss being able to talk to someone of the opposite sex as my best friend who I could always share my thoughts and most importantly, share my love.

I say most importantly because love is the most powerful and most crucial aspect of life. without love, we are nothing. We all seek love in one way or another. We all NEED love. To be loved and also to love. But in order to love, we have to understand the love of our creator. His forgiveness and constant drive to seek us is the greatest sign of His love. He is the best shepard seeking for His lost sheep.

Yes, I really do want to be able to love someone again. I want to fall in love again. Yes, I sound like a girl, but I feel as though many men are also feeling this way and our culture makes fun of anyone who speaks up to seek any sort of advice. So, i’m writing this to you… The men and also the women who are single and feel lonely.

God’s timing is perfect. Be content with where you are. Love life. We need to devote our full heart into loving our creator before we can love someone else. Why? Because he first loved us.

Live life. Love life no matter what curcumstance we are in. God gave you breathe today. You might not have tomorrow. Love life to show His love so we can breath life into others. Breathe hope. Breathe love. Breathe life. Life in return will love you back eternally!

Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye.

Jackson Brown Jr.

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