The Weight of the Cross


The physical weight of the cross was heavy. …Duh. Of course it was. But there is more to it. Jesus was carrying a heavier weight.

I am a great sinner. You are a great sinner. We all are great sinners. We all enjoy living in sin… Well, at least until we realize we have to suffer from our sins. All of our sins have consequences. Jesus paid for all of our sins, but we still have to suffer the consequences.

Think of the amount of sin that is in your life alone. It’s overwhelming and if you don’t think that… You are completely lying to yourself. It’s unbelievable to think of the amount of times we sin. It clouds our judgement and lives with guilt and pain… And alot of it. I’m here to tell you that the guilt and pain are only hindering you from an intimate relationship.

Every person on this earth has an overwhelming amount of sin in their life. Implying that we all have a shameful amount of guilt on out shoulders. Satan uses that sin against us if you do not realize what God did for us by sending us himself in human form to die on the cross.

The amazinlgy baffling part is that Jesus beared all of that pain and guilt for us! We do not have to feel that way. God sent Jesus to walk with the weight on his shoulders. The cross. The cross is our bridge to Him!

He carried the weight of your sins already! Don’t let Satan deceive you; the pain and guilt have already been paid for! Accept it! Live it! Share it!

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