Tonight’s Prayer


It’s Halloween Night and I decided to go to the pub in the city after work.

Tonight I decided to pray differently after leaving the bars early and laying in bed just thinking. I decided to write my thinking out with no usage of the delete button….this was my prayer.

I think my thinking is clearest after a few beers. I think more realistically about my life and what actually matters. I don’t let evil cloud my judgement. Last night’s bragging rights, how “turnt” I got, how high I got, how many illegal things I did without getting caught…all those things that I tend to think are important in the moment to impress others vanish after a few beers. I’m not sure why, but I think it has to do with God calling me. Calling me to do something big. To change. But I don’t have a clue of what that is and it’s killing me. I pray for clearity and courage. Clearity for my vision to be cleared to see what you want me to do; and courage to do what I see in your vision for me. Because after two beers, You are all that matters.

4 thoughts on “Tonight’s Prayer

  1. I pray for you to see, hear and understand His desires and passion for your life. I pray that your heart and soul will have a fire ignited by God and for God and the lost and that you will never be the same. Amen


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