Take the Step

Racism only exists because you make it exist.

Where one finds his/her identity is the lead cause of racism.

I know this first hand from being a ginger. If you can’t handle someone calling you for what you are… Then you have no confidence in who you are and you have no identity.

Now, I am not saying that if someone calls someone an extreme derogatory term/name that it doesn’t hurt or shouldn’t affect you. But I am saying, if you find you have confidence in who you are and not what you look like, that it doesn’t matter what others think about you. Turn the other cheek and laugh it off. That is the best way to shut down disrespect and “racism”.

Find your idenity in God and it won’t matter what anyone calls you because you are loved by the creator of the universe and He thinks you are Beautiful.

“Do not fear man because all they can do is kill you, but nothing more.”
Luke 12:4

If God is telling me that I shouldn’t be scared of man because all they can do it physically scare me, then why in the world should I fear for what people think about my skin color, my hair color, or anything.

God tells us that we get life through Him and most definately not from this World. So put your flesh, your life here on this Earth, to death and that way no one can stop you.

God doesn’t call us to live comfortably. He calls us out of our comfort zone. Take the step. Beat racism.

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