The Decision You Made to Follow Jesus…


In today’s world, Christians are increasingly discriminated beyond any other belief system in the world, and this hate against us will gradually become worse until Jesus comes back to conquer the enemy again. You see ISIS discriminating against our belief system by killing us. You see the American Government making decisions regarding sexuality that distinctly goes against our beliefs. The world is creating an apostasy to Christianity. The world may be able to consume our physical being and kill us, but they can not take away our spiritual being and more importantly, take away our Saviour. Jesus came; He conquered death on the cross. He will reign forever. The King.

Becoming a follower of Jesus means to pick up your cross and die, daily… Every second of Every day.There is a difference of becoming a Christian and actually BEING a Christian. There is a relationship to be had. It requires action. Most people who claim to be Christians lack this trait of having a relationship and dying to themselves daily. They stay private and keep to themselves. God calls us to be fishers of men, which calls us to speak openly and share your story and His story. “Becoming a Christian is FREE, but being a Christian is COSTLY.”

Costly? What does that mean? Bluntly, it could mean your life. Being a Christian and being fishers of men could mean you being decapitated by ISIS, or it could mean that all your friends completely disagree with most of your beliefs and begin to hate you for it, or even both. If you don’t believe me… research and read in the Bible how all Jesus’ disciples died. WARNING: Gruesome but very real.

“But that is unfair… But what kind of person would let people die like that… But… But… But…” God is our Creator. He can decide and do whatever he pleases with us… at ANY time. OUR sin is the root of evil. Sin is the precursor of Consequences. Consequences cause people to die like the disciples.

We need to empty ourselves of greed and be available for God to fill us up and use us. Step out of your own personal bubble and be bold. Talk to someone and share His story and how it changed your life. “We care what people think because we are scared of being alone.” You are not alone. God is always with you when you call His name. Always. He will never leave you or forsake you. Quit living in your bubble. Be bold and pop it and be fishers of men! The only rule we have is to love Jesus. How do we do that? Jesus tells us people are more important than anything else. So loving Jesus means to love people! “The Bible isn’t written to me, it’s written for me,” said Randall Smith. Don’t be scared; God wrote the Bible for us to use as a sword to defeat any enemy.

Honor the decision you signed up for. Go and stay true to your word! It says in Mathew and Mark, “Follow Me. And I will make you fishers of men.” Put emphasis on, “…I will make you…” Remember to constantly empty yourself so He can fill you up with what you need to Fish!

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