The Importance of Reading His Word

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One of the most hazardous mistakes Christians make today is not reading God’s word. We make up our belief system based off of what people say and Bible verses through our own perception. The problem in doing this is that we take them out of context and make them fit what we want them to mean. This creates religion’s and cults. Context is vital when reading the Bible.

There are many problems with this. One is that we walk a walk that God doesn’t want us to walk when we take verses out of context. Another is that we mislead people from the Truth by teaching them an inaccurate truth that we made up from our perception.

We are the only Bible some people will “read” in their life. If we are walking the wrong walk and living not according to Truth, we are portraying a false image of God. We can’t share His word properly because we do not even know what His word actually means.

Sharing the Gospel without knowledge of the Bible is like playing whisper down the lane. Someone always changes the phrase from its origin. That someone is Satan and his army. He intervenes and whispers things that aren’t true while making them sound true. He gradually destroys our perception of Truth to the point we are at a whole different place where we should be. We need to be in the Word daily as a weapon to fight back against the Devil who is stronger than us.

The Bible is given to us to know what God has actually said and did. We can not just go off of words and different people’s perception of the Bible because Satan is here in this world to destroy us and bring us to death. He finds pleasure in our failure because he thinks he is defeating God in doing so. His pride blinds him from the death that is coming to him.

If we do not get into His word then we will be brought down by Satan to join him in his death. Read the Bible to learn what God has actually said and how he actually intervenes with us in this world. We need to walk in the right path and not a path that is misinterpreted. Read His word. Share it’s Truth’s. In doing this, you will grow immensely with your Creator. Your relationship will grow and you will find meaning in this fallen world. Your love for people will grow because your love for God and his creation will grow. We can’t love God without loving his people. Get in the word. Share the Truth’s. Love God. Love His creation.

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