God is the Master Chef of Two Worlds

ChefOften as Christians we get impatient and question our purpose in life. If something goes wrong, we assume that it is a bad thing when in reality God is preparing something for us that we can not even see. God may cause us to be put in the hospital in order to be taken care of by a specific nurse or doctor who may become our husband or wife.  We allow Satan to come into our lives and harden our hearts and fill us with doubt in our Creator. We doubt God and believe that He created us useless and without a purpose.

We forget that we are not living for this world and that this world is fallen. We are not living for the physical world; we are living for the spiritual world. The physical world is but a minute to God compared to the rest of eternity. We tend to make our focus and plan based of the minute in the physical world, instead of basing our focus in life on the spiritual world that is for eternity.

Abraham’s life in the book of Genesis is a prime example of what happens when we live for the wrong world. He planned his whole life for the things of the Earth. He often ran back towards comfort instead of listening or waiting on God’s instruction. Abram, who is Abraham, teaches us that we naturally seek comfort for this life instead of the next life. God does not call us to be comfortable. He calls us to go beyond what we are comfortable with so that we lean into Him. “Transformation is to make us more dependent on God,” states Dr. Randall Smith. God taught Abraham how to lean on God for strength and comfort. We as Christ-followers need to find our comfort in God and not the things of this world.

God calls us to give up everything in this world to gain Him. God tested Lot in Genesis 19 when he destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah with raining brimstone and fire from heaven. God took away everything and everyone that Lot knew because of sin. He even took away Lot’s wife because she looked back on the city as God was destroying it. Abraham was also tested in a similar way by God telling him to sacrifice his son in Genesis 22. Both Abraham and Lot were taught that even flesh will pass away and dust will return to dust. Our own bodies will fade away and only our spirits will return to whom created them. Focus on what is eternal and not temporary.

Now, I am not telling you that time here on Earth is pointless. I am telling you that we need to focus our time here planning for God’s kingdom because it is coming. That involves fishing for men, purity, and many other principles. For those of you who feel useless and without a purpose in life, just remember that God is loving, faithful and that His time is perfect. God will use you when the time is right. We have to be broken so we can be used.

God uses the broken to further the His Kingdom. The people God uses in the greatest ways are typically the most broken people. The bigger the pain, the bigger God will use you. God uses the hurt. Look at the story of Noah and the ark. Noah lost everything in the flood. Everyone that he knew… died. Everything that he knew… gone. He walked off the ark into a new world and was heartbroken. God took everything that Noah knew and stripped it away. Noah was completely broken. God used Him to keep human beings in existence and to re-populate the post-flood Earth. Noah’s pain was used for a much bigger purpose than Noah saw.  Remember that God uses the hurt. Pain brings Testimonies. Testimonies bring Salvation.

God is the Master Chef. He has the best recipe for your life! Some recipes take longer than others, so be patient. God takes His time and marinades us and cooks us with the proper amount of ingredients. He gives us exactly what we need at the right time to be ready. Sometimes we have to sit in the oven and wait until we are ready to be used by God. Joseph sat in “the oven,” or prison for two years before he turned into the ruler of Egypt (See Genesis 39-41). Jacob wrestled God while God was trying to form him into the proper shape so that He could be used (See Genesis 32).

He will use you; you just have to be ready. Listen carefully to Him and be ready to obey. He formed Abraham, Lot, and Noah in His perfect timing. We have to let go, and let God. God is in control. Let Him create you and prepare you the way He needs so that you can be used for His glory. Have faith that God made you properly and that you were made with a purpose. He is the Master Chef; He knows exactly how and why you were made. Listen to Him. Lean on Him.

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