Following God No Matter How Extreme

Lake Jackson, Fl Sunset

Lake Jackson, Fl Sunset

Two months ago, I decided to quit my job, quit working for my church’s youth group, quit living near my family and to leave all my friends and move to a completely different state because God was calling me. Three days after I quit my job, I drove to Florida to move from Pennsylvania to study the Bible in depth at Great Commission Bible Institute to learn from Dr. Randall Smith. This has been completely remolding me as a person and teaching me how little I am and how big my God really is. He chooses to get involved in my life. He didn’t just create me and leave me; He is present and working.

I was so comfortable with my life back in Pennsylvania and that was a problem. I have learned that God calls us to be uncomfortable while being comforted by Him. Ever since my motorcycle accident back in July, He has been teaching me that I need to be continuously more dependable on Him and follow His calling no matter what. I do not get life except through Him. These last two months have really brought me out of my comfort zone and God has been teaching me an insane amount about Him.

The best part about this trip in Florida so far is that I am only 2 months in and I am learning more about my God. I can not wait for the next 8 months and to visit Israel to physically see all the places spoken about in the Bible.

I would appreciate prayer and support ! If you would like to know more, click here !

If you feel lead to do something completely out of your comfort zone, it is most likely God speaking to you and calling you to action to be a part of his plan! If you felt lead and it is comfortable, it is most likely Satan deceiving you from what God has actually called you to do ! Follow God’s calling no matter what ! Through death we gain Life.

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