The Building Of A Leader

Build LeadershipLeadership is a vital element of this world as it contains power. The power can be utilized for Good or Evil. Sometimes it is hard to decipher whether or not your leadership is beneficial or harmful. Beneficial leaders allow himself and his followers to become closer to God by doing good. Harmful leaders hurt ones walk with the Lord and distances himself and his followers from the peace of God. Ephesians 2:17-18 informs us of a choice that needs to be made of the distance between God and us by the teaching of those far and close to Him. Leaders, uniquely chosen by God, choose to be dependent and lean not on their own understanding but of God’s grace and power to be change-makers.

In Numbers 3:1-5, Moses and Aaron are distinctly selected to be leaders of a group of people. This teaches us that Leaders are dependent and held accountable by a team to remain focused on God’s calling. This specific calling of Moses and Aaron lead the Israelites to one of the great changes in the Bible. The Israelites were held in captivity by slavery for numerous years and God called Moses to leadership. Upon refusal to lead, God called Aaron to assist Moses to be change-makers leading the people to the land of milk and honey, where they were set free. God does not always tell His leaders the final destination. In Exodus 3, God hears the heart-cry of Moses’ people in captivity and it gives Moses a purpose to make a change… to be a leader. A broken heart is God’s way of distinctly calling us to be change-makers. Great leaders fix broken things. Doubt is an effective change-avoidance strategy. We have no idea what or who hangs in the balance of our decision to embrace the burden God has put in our heart! If God breaks your heart, it is for a purpose. He calls leaders through heart break specifically by name to be a change-maker in His story (Numbers 3:10). Andy Stanley put its this way, “What God originates, God orchestrates.”

The leaders God uniquely chooses have an increasing dependency to follow God’s lead. Leaders understand that we are not in control. We are in a body being controlled by it’s Creator. We allow God to control our lives to be the radical change-makers He wants. We can take from Ephesians 2:10 that, “We have no plans to make, only paths to follow.” God builds His leaders to change as a continuance of dependency. Once a leader stops influencing change to diminish the distance between you and God, it is time to stop following and begin leading. In Numbers 14, the people wander off of God’s path and begin devising their own plan. Leaders recognize sin. Moses and Aaron realize the sinful nature to be independent and “…fell on their faces in the presence of all…”   Leaders are responsible for their followers. Leadership and Discipleship have a vital correlation.  Leaders are constantly building other leaders for the same purpose they are leading… to show God’s glory.

As Moses pleads for forgiveness for his people walking away from His path, the righteous are revealed. In the book of Numbers, Joshua and Caleb are found righteous through others disobedience. Towards the end of Numbers 14, Caleb is found righteous. God sees Caleb’s spirit and rewards him access into the Land as the others who disobeyed and were found unrighteous, were not permitted into the Land. Only the descendants of the people were allowed into the Land.  God rewards obedience to His calling and punishes disobedience. Righteous choices permits one to see the full blessing of Life God has given us. As we choose to disobey, we reduce the amount of God’s blessings in Life. God’s wrath has a purpose. We have to stay inside the fences He set to be rewarded in full.

Let the choices you make build you into the leader God designed you to be. Being a leader means constantly listening to God and seeking God’s will to reach His ultimate purpose of telling people who He is and how much He loves. We are not to lead our own way, but His way. Listen carefully to Him to take action the way He wants it done. When obeying the calling, we become change-makers allowing us to be fishers of men as we are supposed to be. Listen closely. Obey. Love the people He puts underneath of you and listen to those He puts above you. Further His kingdom by teaching people to be fishermen. Make your choices carefully to allow change to occur in your life to glorify God. Let go of control, and let God lead you. Great leaders give God the lead.

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