The Broken Fire


Too many times in life, we just want to be alone. We get sick and tired of people. We are easily annoyed by stupid things people do.We just want to isolate ourselves and go live on an island. We dream of the things that could be, but we fail to realize one thing…We fail to see that relationships provide strength and hope when we burn out.

What good does it do to anyone to isolate yourself? What happens to a fire when you separate all the burning logs and put them in their own field? Do they endure better or weaker? Don’t they burn better and stronger together?

Relationships are what build each other back up. Excluding ourselves from any type of community is egotistical and ignorant. We can be excluding ourselves from community without physically leaving people. We shut people out by choosing not to invest into people’s lives. We carry on conversations as though people do not matter. Conversations mean less and have no value or importance within them when we choose to exclude ourselves.

Growing a relationship requires investment with time and love by being transparent with each other. Transparency is a strength and not a weakness. Too many people are frightened by this idea of transparency because it demands risk and loss of control. Donald Miller wrote in his book Scary Close, “Control is all about fear. Intimacy is all about risk.” We are scared of losing control and stepping out of our comfort zone and taking chances that may bring pain.

More and more people that I begin investing in have an incredible amount of pain built up in their life. Almost every time, the route of it begins with family. The person was hurt by a family member or lack of a family member. This hurts me because family is so unbelievably crucial to one’s mental well-being.

Jesus emphasized family and community everywhere. Actually, His whole purpose was to reconnect a family that was torn apart. His whole life was built on serving people. When Christians say that they hate people, that is the equivalent of saying I hate Jesus. You can’t love Jesus and hate people. It goes against Jesus’ whole life and we are called to be imitators of Him. He served and pursued relationships. He did not say follow me and give up everything you have; He said follow me and become part of a family where you will develop true meaning and purpose. It was not a loss that He offered; it is a gain.

The problem with isolating ourselves from society and people is that we lose all sense of meaning and purpose. Meaning is found within the connectivity between people bonding.. and it all starts with your family. Sharing comical moments, having a drink with a deep conversation, and even going through pain and hurt. All these things are better with a family.

We burn better when we stick together. When one of us begins to burn out, the other provides the spark to re-ignite strength and hope to the fire. Each log is vital to the fire. Are you going to separate yourself from the other logs? Or are you willing to be transparent and take the initiative to create family?

To some of you, this may mean fixing a broken relationship. This will require healing and that takes time, but it is well worth it and creates a stronger relationship than before. Take the step out of your comfort zone and light a fire. Fix that relationship and love that person like crazy. Show them that you want to fix the fire that is dwindling down or may have burnt out. It will be worth it.


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