Choose JOY Today…


Pride is the blinding route of all sin; it makes us forget who the true God is (Daniel 5).

In the story of Belshazzar we see many truths of our sinful nature. We see how pride works against us blinding us from Truth causing us to lose all sense of morality and ethics. Pride’s definition is us forgetting God or not crediting glory to its rightful belonging. This causes us to make poor decisions due to a lack of understanding. We first see these prideful decisions from the beautiful angel Lucifer… the genesis of pride.

Pride is derived from the beautiful angel Lucifer.

Many people believe Lucifer is this evil looking creature that is demon-like. He is actually the opposite; he was authorized the guardian cherub, angel above all other angels, created by God. He radiated light and glory covered in shimmering jewels, reflecting the majestic glory of God. He was full of wisdom and perfect in beauty. But he became so attached to the the beauty, wisdom, and power that God sanctioned to him that his heart became prideful. He forget that he was all but a mere reflective image of his Creator. He forget God. He became greedy and wanted to take over his King’s dominion; he wanted to reign. His heart screamed for God’s sovereignty.

We see this same upcoming of pride in Belshazzar as he throws a drinking party in Daniel 5:1-4, taking sacred vessels belonging to God from His temple. He took from the house of God. Let’s think about that for a second… He essentially stole directly from God. Think about how vacuous that is… Stealing from the One who gives life by breathe! Belshazzar allowed pride to grow in his heart inducing blindness to his judgement causing poor decisions.

Pride blinds any source of wisdom and knowledge leading to a lack of understanding.

In Lucifer’s story, we see the lack of understanding as he commences war against God who is all-knowing. A war was initiated in the spiritual world. God casts Lucifer out of the 3rd heaven where he no longer dwells with God. Satan, Lucifer’s new name, is the king reigning underneath of God in the heavens below with 1/3 of the angels (God permitting). We must learn from Lucifer going against God the significance of acknowledging Yahweh as the source of ALL knowledge and understanding. Pride blinds this understanding and we no longer can see His will. We darken the path that God wants to shine a light on for us. Pride is defiant and boy does God despise utter rejection.

In David 5:5-12, Belshazzar is utterly baffled by God’s judgement on his actions of stealing from His house and seeks desperately for understanding. The problem is that his heart is prideful and he seeks the world for solution and not the Source who is all-knowing. Fortunately for Belshazzar, God sent Daniel in to “save the day” for him in Daniel 5:13-28. Just in case you aren’t actually checking my sources of scripture… that, “save the day” was sarcastic.

In Daniel’s interpretation, he informs Belshazzar of his deliberate, rebellious choice to humble his heart. He chose to exalt himself against the Lord. He replaced the Lord for gods who cannot hear or understand, obstinate to glorify the Lord as King. Because pride is of a defiant and reluctant spirit, it is considered the unforgivable sin… the eternal sin (Mark 3:28).

Pride is a god that is on the complete other side of the spectrum of the Most Holy God. Pride is of the serpent of old.

Pride is selfish, utter rejection to glorify or acknowledge God for who He is. He does not forgive that rejection. Let me take this chance to tell you that His forgiveness is timely; there is coming a day where it will be to late to surrender your pride. Stop waiting to change. The day of judgement is near.

In Daniel 5:29-31, Daniel’s prophecy/interpretation was fulfilled and Belshazzar’s reluctant heart was punished to death due to lack of humbling himself repeatedly.

Pride, without a heart change, always leads to death.

Just as Daniel’s prophecy of Belshazzar’s death was fulfilled, so will the prophecy in Isaiah 24:21-22 and Revelation 20:1-3. The Lord of Hosts (God’s angel army…2/3 of the angles), will bound or seal the serpent of old initiating the millennium where Jesus reigns as true Victor yet again. Satan is then set free after those 1000 years and refuses to humble his heart and attacks God’s holy city with his army numbering like the sand of the seashore. Yet, God’s army doubles and overpowers Satan’s deceptive “reign” (Rev. 20/ Isaiah 13-14).

Now, why am I telling you so much about the spiritual world? I am telling you because as I stated before, time is running short. The day of the Lord is near and some are still choosing to live in a kingdom that will be annihilated by the Lord of Hosts. In Isaiah 2:12, it is prophesied that all the proud will be humbled. If you are allowing pride to reign in your heart. Your heart is calloused and cannot feel real love. You need a heart change.

This heart change needs to consist of viewing people differently with the goal of loving everyone with dignity and respect, recognizing the Creator who craftily created them in His image and loves them. Recognize who reigns. Recognize the dignity and value in others. Respect them. Also, Recognize the dignity and value in yourself; respect yourself.

JOY = Jesus first; Others second; Yourself last. Choose JOY today. Saying all this. Self-care is not selfish; in fact, neglect of self can be prideful. Think of an airplane… we must put on our own oxygen mask before we able to help put on others. Know the breathe of life before breathing it. Preparation is always a vital first step before fishing or shepherding: Fishing; You need the equipment, bait, and set time. Shepherding; You need a prior loving and trusting relationship. Humble your heart and choose to prepare your heart to live out JOY. #todayIchooseJOY


One thought on “Choose JOY Today…

  1. Chaim, You are truly a gifted, insightful young man. May you always live your life with J.O.Y. Thank you for sharing, Nancy Gardner


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