The Drowning Sea

I have grown up surrounded by the church being a PK, pastor’s kid. Because I was constantly raised and surrounded by the church atmosphere, I always wondered what the other side of life was all about. Towards the later years of high school, the darkness gradually began to intrigue me more and more. Darkness deceivingly made “Fun” attractive. I slowly began to dabble into the dark, doing most all things this world has to offer as fulfillment. The world gives us choices and plenty of them. I chose poorly for a few years of my life and fell hard. I was drowning myself in the desires of the world; shame came out of the blue and covered me. As I was diving deeper and deeper into the dark blue, pressure began to build. I just wanted to burst. I was hidden in shame, putting on the persona of someone who had it together. Truth is, I fell hard and fast. I did not have it together. I was unaware at the time, but I was caught in between two worlds.

The reason why I am telling you this is because I was weak, but now I am strong, ALL thanks to a beautiful, selfless savior, who came to be my friend. He came to pick me up, out of the deepest part that I swam to. Unknowingly and unaware of what I was doing, I was swimming for fun, deeper and deeper, into my death. I was drowning myself. Swimming away from any help. Shame and ignorance were holding me back from reaching out for His help. His hand was stretched out baring the pain of the menacing waves, which beat against Him conquering the fierce pressure of the deep-darkness swarming around Him. And He came to pick me up. To resurface me. I could finally breathe. In my own ignorance, I kept swimming the wrong way to find this fulfillment of life, but I was swallowing death. All I had to do was turn around, put my hands up, kick harder than any fish, and let His grace pull me up!

I refused that friend’s hand countless times. I am here to tell you, you are not alone. There is someone, consistently reaching out His hand for you to pick you up… no matter how many times you choose to make yourself fall. He says that you are worth the fight! He already paid the price, defeating death! You just have to turn around and swim the other way! He will pull you out if you turn around and reach!  There is a Savior for all that you have done, and all that will do! You have not fallen out of reach!

And guess what?! The best part is… that Savior that picked me up, can also pick you up! Now that I have surfaced and inhaled thee Breathe of Life in me, I will dive and swim as long as He permits me. I will inhale as much Breathe as I can hold at a time, and with a new purpose, I will swim down into the deep blue and seek those who are drowning! I will imitate that same friend that swam down, reach out His arm, and guided me to Himself! I will swim seeking you and others who are lost, who feel as though they are drowning, reaching desperately for life. I will get your attention and make you aware that you are swimming the wrong way! I will be your friend! I will point you to Him and swim with you the other way, where Breathe actually is! You can dive with me to reach those who are drowning too, but first you must have thee Breathe of Life! Join His diving team with me! Accept the Breathe!

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