Step Out of Your Shoes


My heart breaks for those struggling with sexuality sin. Some our trying desperately to find Truth and the church is shoving them away as if they are different. They, who struggle with homosexuality, seek intimacy just as the rest of us! Why are we, the church, God’s people, shoving them away from dwelling in unity with our King! The Good News is not selfish; it was designed for all! It is selfless; we need to STOP keeping it for ourselves as if it is ours. We don’t deserve it anymore than they do! The church must Start sharing the same hope that we received by grace !

For those of you who struggle in that way… God loves you sooo much! He even knows your name and the number of hairs on your head! He wants you to know Him! Don’t let anyone tell you that God doesn’t love you. You are not your sin. You can know the same God as the rest of us! He wants you ! Your identity is not defined by sin. Let God define you and walk with Him!

Now, what I just stated is vital. Most will take this as me justifying sexuality sin; I am not. God loves us soo much that He refuses to let us stay the same! When we are in darkness and we see Light, we don’t stay in the dark, we walk towards the Light. We need to stop being stagnant in the dark and pick up our feet and start walking… shoot, even full-on sprint towards the Light !

To the church… We need to stop focusing the church on a building and begin being the church. The world is changing rapidly and becoming more sinful. When we put ourselves up on a pedestal as if we are better, we lose the appeal and respect of people. Paul says in Corinthians that he became a servant to ALL so that he could win more of them!  We must break normality and step out of our shoes to reach people by serving them. This requires us getting dirty and it may be uncomfortable for us. We sure as heck will get ridicule as we step out of your shoes to go reach people. But persecution is a part of sharing the Gospel! Our feet are currently soft, but they will become calloused as we continue to step out of church normality or the “safe zone”. Why do you think Jesus was called a glutton and a drunkard? It was because He took on flesh and became a servant to ALL. He came down to be understanding and walk with us. He came to disciple us to Truth. When someone stepped barefoot on a thorn, so did He.

I am not commanding people to go out and sin with the rest of the world. I am telling the church to start doing as Jesus did and going to those places to hopefully and prayerfully allow redemption to occur in hardened hearts! For example… maybe this looks like going to a bar and having a drink with someone and building a relationship through conversation that progressively reveal Truth to them. We can do that without getting drunk all for the sake of the Gospel. To reach lost people, we must go to where lost people are!

Church, we need to start serving these communities of people and disciple them to Truth. Condemning is not our job. Our job is to reach people for the sake of the Gospel! His grace saved us, and it sure as heck can save others as well! Step out of your shoes, get dirty, and start serving! Walk alongside hurt people and continually point them to Truth. It is crucial for us to be imitators of Christ or ambassadors for Christ! After all, Christian does mean “Little Christ!” We need to start living the title, “Christian” out and take our shoes off and go get dirty to win people to Jesus! The battle begins by taking our shoes off!

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