STAY WOKE! Do not believe the lie!

We all seek healing from our pain. We seek the fix from all forms: the government, drugs/alcohol, marriages and significant others, technology, the amount of followers on social media, and even from the church itself. These are all a part of one big lie from one source. We continually fall into belief that we need this deceptive fix to bring us healing. It never does and it never will.

Truth is that there was and is only one Fix. One that does not hurt us the more we get addicted. One that the supply never runs dry. One that we cannot exhaust. It is abundant to whom the Fix chooses. Christ was and is for us!

Stop looking for your fix from the things of this world. You will never find it. Ever. The Fix was already given to you and me. The lie is trying to give you a defective replicate of this Fix and it will ALWAYS fail to replicate the True Fix.

But the Deceiver is good at what he does. He started by taking a third, and now he is busy recruiting more. Portraying himself as the Doctor. Leading them astray. Multitudes are lost in addiction from deception causing more pain and more isolation. Empty and vanquished they will be… FOR ETERNITY.

This generation is all about STAYIN WOKE, yet majority of us do not even see the lie that is right in front of our face!

Oh, how there is more fishing to be done!

Jesus already provided you the fix. He saved you from pain, guilt, shame, and isolation. You do not have to be alone. Acknowledge Him; He is waiting for you! You are not too deep into any addiction to get out. You are not strong enough to get out by yourself. He is the only source of strength.

Time is running out. The day is drawing nearer. Start taking your daily dose of the Fix now or your punishment will be forever. That is not a threat.. that is Truth.

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