Les Bi Real

Avoidance is no longer a solution. Actually, avoidance was never a solution… we just thought it was.

The “awkward” subjects are prevalent and we can no longer avoid them. They scream on our tv’s. They scream on our social media. Twitter is infected by mind-polution. Facebook is polluted by one’s perspective of what is right. Instagram is filled with comparison of highlight reels leading to jealousy and false expectations of reality. Snapchat, Tinder, and Bumble all push licentiousness. American culture heavily persuades a debt-filled piece of paper to determine success. The racial climate is in utter tension. Politics have people on edge. This list can go on and on.

The point being, an evil culture has hit us in the face. Worst of all, it has hit our children in the face. Let’s be real. Discussing these topics are no longer “introducing sin” into someone’s life. The idea has long been revealed to people and kids. Young kids have already heard all these racy terminologies. LGBTQ. Prostitution. Crackwhores. Porn. Drugs. Kids see it. They hear it. They can even live it.

The need to speak-up is real and urgent.

Our entire perspective of what is right and what is wrong revolves around God and his Word. He is Truth and him alone. Our perspective is our biblical worldview. This determines every aspect of our lives. These subjects are confusing because Truth has been distorted or abandoned.

Confusion exists the further we walk away from Truth. Knowing Truth, we cannot afford to avoid speaking Truth. And yes, it is necessary. There comes a time where you can’t claim to know Truth if you do not speak Truth. By the way, Love comes after Truth but Truth is Love.

Truth requires us to be bold. Fearless. Ready to endure difficulties. Speaking Truth was and never is easy. It takes the speaker and the audience out of their comfort zone. Truth confronts. Don’t believe me? Go read the book of Acts.  Paul confronted cultures that misplaced and/or distorted Truth no matter the cost. He spoke up. Why did he confront people on their beliefs? Because Truth is Love and if we love them, we care about their perspective of Truth.

What? You are telling me I have to defend Truth when is distorted? Yes.. yes I am. We can not stay silent. Paul didn’t. Peter didn’t.

Teachers. Let me ask you this… Where is your focus? What do you see as urgent discussion? And lastly, why are you avoiding discussing it?

It is time that we start speaking up. The white elephant in the room should not exist. Talk about it. It’s necessary.

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