Lost, But Found

She drowns me in her deep abhorent abyss. She speaks love and fulfillment. I have never seen such beauty! I admire her beauty so much that it is no longer satisfying. She leaves me with an empty, hollow shell. She transformed into this new beauty! It is even more attractive than the last! I know I shouldn’t give in, but I do. I give in confused and deceived. Yet, the beautiful snake sheds yet again.  Only this time, I refuse to fall for any deceptive beauty. I’m left all alone, broken and isolated in the vast forest covering my guilt and shame with figs.

I wandered hopeless. Defeated. LOST.


Amidst the trampling of the enemies footsteps and deceitful noises, I hear something different. No, that’s someone. He’s speaking. He’s quiet. I think He is whispering. Yes! Yes, He is whispering!

He is so faint and I can’t hear because the enemy is so loud! Noises get louder. Full on war breaks loose. Enemies quickly swarm around me. Filling my ears with desperate, enticing pleas.

I’m surrounded.

Broken and hopeless. I fall to my knees. I look up. I drown out the enemies noises.

I can hear His voice again…

I hear Him whisper, “I’m right here. I have been here the whole time. I see your guilt. I see your shame. I still want you. I want to dwell with you. You are safe. You are not alone. You are FORGIVEN. You are FOUND.”

In the peaceful stillness, I’m shocked. His voice overflowing my soul with this deep respect, tinged with utter awe.

“What is this peace? What is this loving-kindness? How? Why? Me? Are you serious? I don’t deserve this.”

“Yes you, Chaim. Come. Follow Me.”

He gave my broken, lost soul purpose. He gave me the fulfillment I sought the entire time. His voice gave my wandering soul purpose. His voice gave me hope. He gave me LIFE!

“Who are you?! What is your name?!”

“Christos. Jehovah Mekadesh. El Olam. Yeshua. The Alpha and Omega. Adonai.”

“I’ll follow you wherever your voice takes me!”

“It will cost you.”

“Cost me what?”

“Your life. Sacrifice. Suffering. Surrender. Your everything…”

“I’m out… that’s stupid. That’s not worth it. Why do I have to suffer? I have to die? No way.”

“…with your death, I also promise you the same resurrection as me… Eternal Life.”

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