Do I Really Have to Speak about This?

We tend to speak before we think. We think before we have taken the time to listen. When we do listen, sources are inadequate or distorted. We need to take the time to understand. We need to knock down our pride. We need to be satisfied with someone else knowing better than we. We need to learn how and when to speak…


Our words are powerful. They criticize and destroy. Or. They encourage and grow. We control our tongue. We choose if we destroy or grow a person. We choose if we cause that person pain or growth.

Are your words tearing someone down? Or. Are they helping someone grow?
Learn to limit your words. Learn to choose your words. And Improve your thinking.


Looking at most people’s social media platforms, I am dumbfounded by how many rude statements are proclaimed and on top of that, the hateful comments that follow. Learn to state your claim in a kind and loving way. And learn if your claim even needs to be said. We all have the right to speak freely, but it is not always beneficial… even if it is truth.

Lastly, Choose what you talk about. And. Choose who you talk with.



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