The Cyclical Culture

Cyclical World

There are two ways of learning; example and experience.
We can learn by experimenting (trial and error) or we can learn by others example.

We tend to lean more towards experimental learning than exemplification learning. We make it incredibly harder on ourselves. Most of the work has already been done and learned previously by someone else. We just have to look for that example. There is no better resource than God’s word to learn by example so that we do not fall into the same mistakes that people previously have made. The exemplification in the Word is to protect us, but often we refuse to learn by example like a kid told not to touch the stove. He instantly wants to touch it and learn for himself why he was told not to touch it.

Learning by experience is so cyclical it is actually pathetic. We pridefully keep trying things people have already tried in the past keeping us from getting anywhere. We saw that it failed for others, yet deceitfully think it will work for us. It won’t. Why do we choose to make it hard on ourselves and learn by experience?

Seek past examples so that you do not have to go through the pain of learning by experience. Progression occurs in the transition from cyclical to linear. The cycle is stationary. You don’t go anywhere from staying in the cycle. Break the shackles of cyclical, experimental learning and seek examples. Make progress and think differently. Grow.

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