Hello, my name is Chaim but you can call me Chi. As you may know, I have recently moved into Kensington, Philadelphia for ministry. It has just recently been a month of living at the Redemption House on Frankford and Allegheny Ave; I am still transitioning.

Last week, I was walking on Kensington Ave under the elevated train system and I noticed this lady standing on what appeared as her corner. She was just staring at me with an utterly stern, yet perplexed face. This is one of those areas where you can get whatever you are looking for, so I was ready for anything to happen. As I’m about ten steps away from her, she just boldly states, “You don’t belong here.”

I was processing what she said and at this point, I’m right next to her on her corner. I’m just trying to get to the next street. I give her a quick glance; I smiled to be as polite as possible and kept walking. With my back towards her, in a louder voice, almost yelling, I heard, “I said, you don’t belong here. What are you doing here?!”

So I finally decided to engage with her and responded. “I just moved here for ministry.” As soon as I said this, her face lit up out of shock and also joy at the same time. She then responded to me and thanked me and stated that she and others in this area needed me and what i’m doing.

It’s crazy to experience the hope that lies within “ministry”. I did not even have the mindset that I was going to give her any hope and yet, this simple conversation gave her a glimpse of hope. Not only that, but she said that I, because i’m doing ministry, was needed here right after saying that I do not belong here.

This reminded me of 1 Chronicles 15 and also 1 Peter 2 where it states that we are aliens, foreigners, and/or strangers in this world. I was reminded that I am an alien on a mission. I’m on a mission to breathe hope and life into broken, hurting, and lost people. Right now, God has me in Kensington, Philadelphia where I get to be that hope to broken people! But, I can’t do this alone…

I need you! I need prayer warriors, mission partners to do ministry, and I need support partners to meet financial goals!

Breathe Partners believes the most effective way to influence people and culture is by developing young leaders and empowering the church. We are expanding our training ground to both Haiti and Philadelphia. As Philly is new to Breathe, God currently has me developing the ministry opportunities in Philadelphia. Please pray with me for the wisdom and discernment to build the ministry here in Philly. Please let me know when you will be praying for me so that I can get in touch with you with prayer requests and updates!

As I recently committed to being a full-time missionary, reaching my financial goals is new to me. I know and trust that God will provide. I am pursuing partners who will commit to monthly giving to reach my financial goals so that ministry can exist and reach lost people in Philly. My financial goal is $3,330 per month. I currently have $350 per month raised. Would you consider giving monthly? $15? $50? $100?

I also need mission partners to come and do the ministry with me whether they are churches, organizations, or individuals. I would love to tell you more about how you can come and serve with me!

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