As we become older, we increasingly wonder what we are going to do with our lives. Questions, doubts, and worries flood us, but they all have the same answer. Do not fear. We should follow hard after God and all of these will come to us if God wants them to. (Psalm 37:4). Now, do not think that you will get what you want because you are following God; your desires, in pursuit of God, will completely change . Most desires before following God are all selfish. While pursuing God, your desires are becoming more and more about loving others; serving. There is and always will be room for you to grow and change.

This morning in my devotions I read Proverbs 4:23. It says that your heart is the determinant for your life. It scares me to think what I am letting my heart dwell in. My heart naturally desires its fleshly addictions. If we let our heart dwell in sin, our lives will carry out our sin. We will follow our sin. Our future footprints are only as good as our current focus.

Say you struggle with something such as greed. Your life will be mostly about trying to become rich and having the most eloquent objects for yourself. Yeah, maybe you will donate to a charity once in a while but realistically you are all about yourself. In essence, your future footprints will be imprinted because of your focus to acquire as many things as you could now.

Let’s talk about a common struggle in our culture… Lust. Sex. Porn. If we let our heart cherish those things, we will fail to love. We will be bound by our perverted lusts. We will treat one another like objects because that is what that industry portrays us to be. Not only will you treat others differently but you will also treat yourself differently. Choosing to allow thoughts of Lust, replaces thoughts of Love. Our footprints quickly become all about our identity and who we are. Lust causes one to be Lost. Love causes one to Live.

These are just two examples of ways this culture tries to misguide our focus. Culture lures us into isolation with lies. We must be aware of our current focus and motives behind our actions. These distractions or deceptions can be and should be overcome.

Romans 12 tells us that we must overcome evil with good (v. 21). The way in which we overcome is by the renewing of our mind (v. 2). Our soul is composed of our heart and mind; they are intertwined, constantly working together. The way we choose to think directly influences the desires of our hearts; AND the desires of heart directly influences how we think. Thoughts are tangible. Thoughts physically reshape or rewire the chemistry of our brain. Evil thoughts create unhealthy chemistry in our brain; good thoughts create healthy chemistry in our brain. Remember, the mind and heart are intertwined.  Evil thoughts harden your heart. Pure thoughts soften your heart. Your heart is extremely vulnerable; it’s held captive by your own thoughts.

The way you think and what you think is a war. It is a war between good and evil. We must seek the truthful definitions of both good and evil to know what to think; that is the key to the war. Defensively, we must know what is evil and good. Offensively, we must know what is good and evil. You must know BOTH to guard your heart by thinking purely. Romans 12:9 tells us to abhor what is evil and cling to what is good.

Guarding your heart is ALWAYS your choice. You get to choose how you think about every circumstance. When Romans 12 tells us to cling to what is good, it is telling us to deliberately think purely. You decide your victories and your defeats through your thoughts. Create better footprints by thinking better now.


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