Oh nostalgia. I have been reflecting on my life all this past week. Have you ever sat back, and really rested in the reverence of God? It constantly blows my mind of how He works behind the scenes to get each one of us to where we are. Seriously. Think about it.

What did God have to do to get you where you are and who you are with? What did God have to do to get me to be developing leaders and loving broken, hopeless people in Kensington, Philadelphia and in Haiti. It has been my WHOLE life and the people I chose to surround myself with. Every aspect of my life God used to morph me into who I am and to be where I am and to care about what I care about. God either allowed or ordained my physical life to be threatened on multiple occasions; from this I learned the that life can be taken away at ANY second. How often do I leave the gift of life unwrapped? How often do I package myself up and cover myself with beautiful wrapping paper, yet my insides are so hideous?

I know for a fact that I am not the only one who needs a heart change. In fact, I know that ALL of us need a heart change. There are so many people who are out among us who are broken, including ourselves. Desperate… Hopeless… Isolated… people who NEED loved. People who need someone with them. When are we going to WAKE UP and start breathing life into the abandoned? When are we going to care for one another? When are we going to care for ourselves?

I have absolutely no regrets in my life. Our past failures and mistakes are only that if we refuse to process and learn from them. I am so thrilled that I am constantly blessed with grace and mercy to be a part of an unshakeable master-plan in which I can utilize those learning experiences to breathe life and hope into people who are   JUST   LIKE   ME  ! Broken.

Rest in Reverence. Or in other words… Fear God. Reverence is a deep respect for someone tinged with awe. It’s rooted from ‘fear,’ ‘awe,’ and ‘honor’. How can I sit back and reflect on my life and ignore where He has brought me. It would be selfish of me not to share what God has done, is doing, and will do in my life to help others do the same thing; Love God and Love People.

The thing is, I can not do this alone. I need a team. I need you. I need you in prayer. I need you for financial goals. I need you here serving with me. We are called to do this together. We are better together. For a three-cord bond is not so easily broken.

Will you join Breathe Partners and me? We believe the most effective way to influence people and culture is by developing young leaders and empowering the church. And we need you!

I am pursuing partners who will commit to monthly giving to reach financial goals that will allow me to be present with and love on broken people who need hope. It will allow me to make disciples who make disciples. It will allow me to develop the next generation leaders to carry on the church’s mission. It will allow me to set the church up to win.

Will you be willing to give monthly? $20 a month? $50 a month? $100 a month? My goal is $3,330 per month; I am currently at $350 a month. If you are willing and able, please click here and get in touch with me! I would love to connect with you and discuss this more!

Will you be willing to pray for me and my ministry team at Breathe Partners? Our summer is kicking off. We have our students who we are developing as leaders and disciple-makers in Haiti and will be in Philadelphia later this Summer. These young students NEED prayer. My team and I NEED prayer and support to lead these students and teams that come down to holistically serve and ultimately set the local church up to win!

Will you be willing to come and serve? We have many ways you can come and serve… whether that be serving overseas in Haiti or serving locally in Philadelphia.

I would love to connect with you more and I would love to learn how we can help one another. Please let me know how can I be praying with and for you! I want to! Let’s do this together!

Check out our website for more information!

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