Derailed People

I walk out of my comfortable house. I walk 100 yards down the street and climb up a small hill to get onto the tracks. I begin walking down the tracks watching my every step not to step on needles and broken glass.

This is some of what I see. Houses made of whatever they can find… trash, torn tarps, ragged blankets, and stained carpets all sown together by duct-tape. They are living in any condition they can simply to stay alive to continue to feed their addiction. How broken and calloused their hearts are. How much love, grace, and mercy they need. The enemy has these people so trapped in their addictions. He offers fulfillment, but it is always fake. It always leaves us isolated and dependent on substances and materials. He derails us from the tracks we are supposed to be on.

Derailed people are so close to the tracks, yet stuck. Stuck with false fulfillment. Feeding on food that fails to fill their hunger. Drinking from a well that runs dry. Derailed people NEED Jesus. But we, the church, are the hands and feet of Jesus led by the Spirit. Relationships are key to showing them how to get back on the tracks. If only we could build these relationships…

In one week, the city is coming in to sweep these tracks clean. Where will these people go? I’m not sure, but I know i’ll be searching where isolation will take them next. They need love and prayer… will you pray with me for these people and this city?

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