The vast, ominous Cloud encircles me with fortified, yet gentle walls.

Its rain containing immersive, graceful growth.
Its thunderous roar reverberates sweet redemption.
Oh, how majestic is the Cloud.

Its translucent gleam guiding my path through this perplex darkness.
Its winds whisper conviction redirecting my meandering heart and mind.
Oh, how majestic is the Cloud.
Its presence so rewarding.

Its relentless weather so vast, yet constant.
In utter reverence, I yearn for the Cloud.
Yet, my lack of understanding allows the entrance of Deceit.

My soul bound by deep caves
In seemingly perpetual darkness, flesh.
Convoluting flesh, swarming my very being.
My vision imperialized, blind to reality.
Oh flesh, who am I?

Further and further I go, away from the glorious cloud.
Concealed in my self-created isolation.
Guilt and shame dauntlessly blurring signs of progression.
Oh flesh, where am I going?

Oh, discontent heart.
Justice will reign down.
Acidic reign devouring the wicked.
Pure Reign cleansing the iniquities of the righteous.
Oh heart, make up your mind!

Why do I believe lies? Why am I unfaithful? Where is my fulfillment? Why am I surrounded? Why am I defiled? Why am I unrighteous? Why am I unsatisfied? Why is this world flooded with injustice?

I do not know.

But I do know this…

You are true. You are faithful. You are fulfilling. You are immersive. You are pure. You are righteous. You are just. You are eternal. You are good. You are holy. You are grace. You are love. You are mercy. You are wisdom. You are sovereign. You are enough. You are.

And I will chase you!

You are. 




Numbers 9:15-23 // Exodus 12:21 // Exodus 14:19-20 // Nehemiah 9:19 // Psalm 23 // Psalm 25:9 // Psalm 31:3 // Psalm 97:2-6 // John 10:3-4 // Revelation 10

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