What’s My Purpose In Life?

On a phone call with my grandma this week, we were talking about how we are just like the moon. We are dark blobs of useless matter in a galaxy that does not revolve around us. We are nothing, lost in a universe bigger than our comprehension. At the center of it all is the Sun. We must accept that the Sun is indeed the center and that we completely revolve solely around the sun. It’s when we allow the Sun to shine its light in our darkness where we begin reflecting the Sun’s light and become useful with a purpose big enough to light up the dark nights.
God is notorious for using the most broken and beaten to glorify Him. If you’re broken… If you feel you don’t have any special gifts… It’s okay. God’s got it – not you. He’s got enough light to authorize you to light up an entire planet if you let Him.
If He is calling you to light up your family, do it. If He is calling you to light up your neighborhood, do it. If He is calling you to light up your city, your state, your country, your world, do it. His purpose for you is as big as you are willing to let Him use you.
God isn’t interested in choosing men and women that can claim that others followed BECAUSE OF THEM!
Rest in that ya’ll.
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