5 Ways To Renew Hope

When Hope Is Lost

We are all starving for hope. We all have this thing that haunts us; it’s called our past. Yea, that thing. Stupid… sure. But, it’s real and it can be haunting. Our enemy often throws it at us like a pie to the face. Except, this pie is one from those looney cartoons; it’s ticking and ready to explode. Or… at least, that is what it feels like when we lose focus and when hope is lost.

We lose hope in all sorts of ways, but we often lose hope simply because we give up. One of the common reasons leaders lose hope is through isolation. You ever feel like no one seems to care? Yea… I can feel that way too. Another reason that tempts leaders to lose hope is when we can’t see any results from our efforts. It’s tough to endure when it seems ineffective, right? What feels even worse, is when others constantly criticize you for your efforts. I don’t know about ya’ll, but that makes me feel worthless overtime. It is in these times that we must trust God the most. To add to the hopelessness, we can’t forget about when our plans don’t work and every door gets slammed in our face. That’s just the cherry on top of the cake. All of these are reasons of why we get lost in the dense fog of hopelessness. It’s in these that we forget why we do something… we forget the vision.

We’ve forgot our purpose.

But. We must remember… both hope and hopelessness are built on what we choose to focus on. So, how do we change our focus?

Look Back to Look Forward

  1. Look back at the tests of faith in your life.
  2. Look back at how God has been faithful.
  3. Look back at the blessings of God.
  4. Look back at the lessons we’ve learned.
  5. Looking back helps us regain sight of hope.

Tests of Faith

In Deuteronomy 8:2, we see that the hard times, often in the wilderness, are to humble us and to test our faith which develops character. Looking back at the tests of faith in our lives make us remember the character God has developed us to be.

God’s Faithfulness

In Deuteronomy 4:9, we see the importance of not forgetting about all the times that God has been good to us. We must remember all the miracles and all the times that God was present in our lives where we were not forsaken nor abandoned. We are called not to simply remember these stories of God’s manifestation in our lives, but also to share them to inspire hope in others! When we do this, God delights delights in us!

God’s Blessings

In Deuteronomy 2:7, we are reminded that even through the darkest valleys, God is with us and that He has always provided for our needs. No matter how vast the wilderness is that you are facing right now, the promised land is coming. Don’t give up. Endure so that you can enter into the promised land. Or, if you are more similar to Moses… endure so that others can enter into the promised land! Whatever your calling or your purpose, God has always provided and always will provide you with everything you need.

Lessons We’ve Learned

In Deuteronomy 11:2, we see the value of our personal experiences and what we have learned from them. We must remember that our experiences and life lessons are for a purpose; when we choose to be authentic and share them, we help others breakthrough barriers. God guides you and allows unique life experiences so that you can have a unique purpose. No one else has walked the same life as you. Because of this, you have the authority to help others learn from you. It’s wise to learn from experience, but much wiser to learn from the experience from others… also, much less painful.

Lessons come from our pasts, but opportunity comes with our future! Our experiences and stories may continually haunt us, but when we give them to God, He gives us hope and a future. He gives us purpose. God stitched you with a unique purpose… keep sowing what only you can sow!

“What God originates, He orchestrates.” // “Where God guides, he provides.”



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