What Is Your Pursuit?

Destroying What We’ve Built in Pursuit of What We Really Wanted

I walked into a coffee shop recently to do some work and there were very few seats remaining. Eventually, this elderly lady invited me to sit with her as she noticed I needed a seat. She asked me about the meaning of one of my tattoos which has to do with awe, wonder, and reverence for what God’s done, doing, and will do.

It led to her telling me a bit of her story. She said something along the lines of this, “Chi, I’ve spent the majority of my life trying to build the most pristine barn on the best land and I’ve come to realize that this whole time God has been ripping off the roof so that I could see the stars and moon.”

She then told me story after story about all these bad experiences in her life that were like God ripping the roof off the barn that left her so confused and frustrated with God. But, in reality, she just needed to learn that God was doing something better for her… it just meant that she had to change her perspective and allow herself to be temporarily uncomfortable.

So often, we build things and ask God for things that prohibit us from experiencing all that He has created for us. We become enslaved to the lifestyle of which we thought we wanted.

Rip the Roof Off

I wonder what might be happening in our lives right now that seems to be God ripping the roof off of our barn’s but really is a gift from God trying to give us more than just a stupid barn.

If we live comfortably under the roofs we built for ourselves, we’ll miss out on all that God intended for us.

If we live comfortably under the roofs we built for ourselves, we'll miss out on all that God intended for us. Click To Tweet

What roof have you built that is enslaving you from what you really want? What have you built that needs destroyed so you can really live?

Sometimes we just need a willingness to sit and listen to unexpected strangers (despite busyness) to change our perspective to see what we are really pursuing because in the middle of the hustle, you can easily become blinded to your ‘why’.

The underlying question is really, “What is your pursuit?”

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